[Glade-devel] Writing a glade plugin, and documenting how to do it; can any experienced glade developer/user help me in this ?

Jeff Westerinen wrote:

Tristan, you say that "...this api is going to change alot in the near
future and has already in cvs HEAD..."  How much is "alot?"  I have
added an entire widget set to Glade.  How much work do you estimate will
be required to move it to 3.1.x?  Is this new API documented?

   I guess I made that sound drastic - no need to panic :)
right now the only difference for an existing plugin is that all
functions arguments are prefexed with a new argument
(I upgraded the glade-gnome.c catalog in roughly 5 minutes,
since the code was independant of the new argument).

One other change I anticipate is to move the get/set property
function to be classwide (and take a const gchar *id arg), the
rationale of this is to centralize the code that is proxying the

Oh yeah, is it documented ? some minor work will be needed to
update the xml catalog docs and new documentation should be
added to cover new functionality, the source is always api documented
as it is added to the archive too but every once and a while gtk-doc
love needs to be affected to generate complete docs.


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