[Glade-devel] Background Image ...

On Sun, 2006-04-23 at 09:34 -0500, Juan Carlos Orozco wrote:

Thanks Damon, that does help. I may be pushing my luck here, but the
only problem remaining is that after placing the Image widget that is
used as background, one needs to place the other widgets outside the
Image area and then drag them into their final position over the
background Image area. It is not possible to place the other widgets
over the background Image area directly.

Yes, I'm afraid GTK+ widgets aren't really intended to be stacked on top
of each other.

You might be able to use an rc file to set the background pixmap of the
layout/window instead of using an image widget. Though I'm not sure how
well that would work.

I can imagine other interesting combinations of images and control
widgets that could find this feature (placing widgets over an Image
widget) also useful. Think of an audio application that presents itself
as a car stereo image with control widgets over it. This is becoming a
common way of GUI in modern systems. Of course we also need things like
images with transparency for the control widgets like buttons, text
entry, etc. This last part may be more related to GTK than Glade. BTW
the label widget does have a transparent background and it can be used
as a button but without "pressed" feedback or we could use images for
the buttons that blend with the background, this is just more work but
it looks the same.

I think your best option is probably to write your own simple GUI
editing app, and use your own button widget that has transparency.
But you'd need to know GTK+ fairly well to be able to do that.

(I'm starting to think we need a new set of cairo-based widgets for GTK+
that support things like transparency & transformations.)


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