[Glade-devel] Re: Glade Palette Prototype

Vincent Geddes wrote:
Hello Tristan

I do intend to rewrite the GladePalette class, and will take into
account all the points outlined in your message.

My GladePaletteExpander was a bit of a hack, I just used the GTK
GtkExpander source, and fiddled with it's drawing code to get the look I
wanted. I did try and subclass GtkExpander, but I needed to access some
of it's private members, so that was the end of that. I could use a
normal GtkExpander until as such time that I work out a solution.

Heh, my frustration with private data structures on gtk widgets
knows no limits. Oh well; we'll just have to go over the pros
and cons of using a GladePaletteExpander, if it makes a significant
difference I dont really mind keeping a custom expander in glade-3.

Earlier, you pointed out that it would be nice if the palette had two
layout styles, the one Glade3 currently uses, and the one seen in my
prototype. I have modified my custom layout container
(GladePaletteTable) to support this.

As such the palette will provide the user with a right-click pop-up
menu, which will offer the user various preferences such as "Show Widget
Names", "Show [Small|Large] icons", etc. So that means users will have a
choice of 2 palette item layout styles.

Somehow I feel that it would be more intuitive to add this to
the "view" menu of the main project window, the downside of that
would be that any glade-3 implementor would have to manually
setup that menu; maybe we can do both, if the GladePaletteClass
comes with an API to set the layout and a "layout-changed" signal
than we can easily extend that to the project menu afterwords.

An interesting comment I recieved on the palette (on irc) was
that the scrollbar of the scrolled window should snap to the
desired area when the expander expands (i.e. with the most
possible widgets from that widget group visible).

I'm not quite sure what that spells out in the code, we'd need
at least to have glade_palette_set_hadjustment()
to get the adjustment from the unrelated scrolled window.

I will send you my next prototype in 2 or 3 weeks.

I cant wait to see it :)


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