[Glade-devel] Background Image ...

Hello all,

I developed an application for process visualization or Human Machine
Interface called hmi_gtk2 that is part of the MatPLC open source project
(http://mat.sf.net). This application uses glade as the visual interface

One common way that this interfaces are built is by placing an image
representing a diagram of the machine or a drawing of the machine as a
background and place the widgets using fixed positions over it. Glade
does have fixed position placing for the widgets but I can not define a
background image. Is there a way to do this?

I can add an Image widget and place it as background but is easy to
select it while building the interface and this hides the other widgets.
An easy way to achieve this would be if I could have an option to
disable the Image widget so that it will appear as background but it
will not get selected while building the visual interface. Other way of
doing this is having options like send to back for  the widgets common
in drawing applications. I know this is not a drawing application but it
seems to be so close to achieving what my application needs.


Juan Carlos Orozco

ACElab Automation

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