[Glade-devel] Use of libglade with languages other than C

First of all, hello to the list.

I'm considering using glade for a project that would use a
large number of customised widgets (not huge customisations,
but a lot of them). Glade 3 would allow me to use these
widgets by creating a catalog and importing it. The problem
is that I would like to use mono/gtk#/glade# for this
project. What I was wondering is if it would be possible to
include these widgets in glade without glade having access
to the objects in question.

I'll explaine. Suppose I have a widget derived from Entry,
called ChkEntry (written in C#), and which adds regular
expression bassed input verification, this modification adds
2 properties: RegExp (a string) and CheckOnTheFly (boolean,
true means that the expression is checked for every
keypress, false is checked just on exit).

To implement this in glade, I'd create a catalog mywidgets
with an entry like this:

 <glade-widget-class ide_name="GtkEntry" name="ChkEntry"
generic-name="chkentry" title="Text Entry with input checking">
<property id="RegExp" default="^.*$"/>
<property id="CheckOnTheFly" default="false"/>

when glade reads this it looks up ide_name for
introspection, and adds the property tags on the end, but
when it saves the .glade file, the class name used is
ChkEntry. When Glade# loads this file, it looks for
ChkEntry, which is writen in c# and as such is now
available, and uses it like any other widget.

What I'd like to know is if this is just pie in the sky, or
could it work if I implemented it. Also, would a feature
like this stand a chance of inclusion in Glade, or is there
a reason to keep it out.

TIA for your time

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