[Glade-devel] Glade 3 Presentation (open source event in Rosario Argentina)

Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:
Hello guys
As I already mention there is going to be an important
open source event
in Rosario Argentina from 20 to 23 November.
I sent an email to the organization asking about if we
could have some
kind of presentation there and although the
presentation date is close
they agreed :D so I promised him that I will send it
ASAP. (monday)

Great :)

My idea is:
  * The why of Glade 3 (improvements over glade 2)

Here is a 5 min drafted mission statement for glade3
(Based on Paolo Borelli's INTERNALS file he wrote for us
last year):

     - Make extensive use of GTK+ introspection apis to allow
       easy adaptation/implementation of new widgets into the tool
       and to ease integration of derived widget toolkits, external
       plugins for toolkits like gnome can be added without modifying
       glade3 (i.e. just install your xml widget definition catalog
       and if need be, add a shared library to add support for any
       needed special caseing on these widgets such as custom properties

     - Implement full UNDO/REDO support for
       Create/Delete/Cut/Copy/Paste/Property modifications.

     - Implement glade tools as Gtk+ widgets themselves, allowing
       for glade to be easily used/embedded into other tools
       (i.e. anjuta devel uses glade-3 now).

     - Drop code generation as part of glade-3, this glade is only
       responsable for creating glade definition files, these
       files may in turn be used to generate code templates, that
       could be a plugin on an ide or something; at least it is
       not part of the glade-3 project.

     - Support for non-widget objects (this was my mission when I
       started working on glade3, the basic framework does work when
       using our patch to libglade http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=161903)

  * Future (Glade3 and GTK)

Here are some features that have been discussed and some that I
had in mind:

     - Support for style properties
         This is already in bugzilla, luckily; style properties are
         introspectable so the task shouldnt be too too hard, this
         will also include added support in libglade; since the requirement
         is that style properties must be applied on a per widget basis
         through libglade, so as not to interfere with the current theme.

     - Demo mode
         This was discussed a while back but didnt get anywhere, it would be
         nice to demonstrate the interface without placeholders and loaded
         the way it would be loaded via libglade (possibly using a dlopen on
         libglade); ideally it would be nice to even parse a gtkrc for the demo.

     - Widget templates
         It'd be nice to be able to select a "frefabricated" version of your
         widget from the palette (i.e. with your own custom default settings),
         these could accessed throug a load/save interface on a per-widget basis,
         also the "Reset.." dialog could allow you to reset properties to
         the default properties of a given template (I'm iching to write this
         one up...).

What I think would be really really nice, is if we got some non-widgets
integrated into glade-3, GtkSizeGroup should really be a piece of cake,
GtkTreeModel objects & cell renderer children, with references to Views
would be really really nice, thats one thing I'd really like to show,
It would also be really nice if we could show glade-3 running in anjuta.


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