[Glade-devel] Glade 3 Presentation (open source event in Rosario Argentina)

Hello guys
As I already mention there is going to be an important
open source event
in Rosario Argentina from 20 to 23 November.
I sent an email to the organization asking about if we
could have some
kind of presentation there and although the
presentation date is close
they agreed :D so I promised him that I will send it
ASAP. (monday)

Beside the trivial things like title, intended
audience, etc they want
details about the speech (max two pages)

My idea is:

  * Small intro about GTK and event oriented
programing (Hello world
from Gtk tutorial)
  * A bit of Glade history (hello world in glade
(gtk1.2) with source
code generation)
  * Show Glade 2 and explain about libglade
  * The why of Glade 3 (improvements over glade 2)
  * Hello world with Glade 3 and libglade
  * Future (Glade3 and GTK)

Of course this is just an overview and lot of work
needs to be done to
have a nice speech so... any comments, information,
etc are welcome.


Juan Pablo

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