[Glade-devel] Use of libglade with languages other than C

d mills tiscali fr wrote:
To implement this in glade, I'd create a catalog mywidgets
with an entry like this:

 <glade-widget-class ide_name="GtkEntry" name="ChkEntry"
generic-name="chkentry" title="Text Entry with input checking">
<property id="RegExp" default="^.*$"/>
<property id="CheckOnTheFly" default="false"/>

when glade reads this it looks up ide_name for
introspection, and adds the property tags on the end, but
when it saves the .glade file, the class name used is
ChkEntry. When Glade# loads this file, it looks for
ChkEntry, which is writen in c# and as such is now
available, and uses it like any other widget.

   unfortunatly; there are a number of reasons why this won't
work, currently glade-3 performs a kind of hack to get at its
runtime objects; it transforms "ChkEntry" to "chk_entry_get_type"
and calls that from the support module to instantiate the object,
furthermore; all support routines in the plugin are loaded
by hand through the GModule interface and called by glade-3
(granted you wouldnt need one for this type of object but...)
also, is it possible to dlopen/run code in C# from a C program ?
(the given object has to be instantiated by glade-3 in order to
work, not just described).

If thats possible (which I really dont know...) maybe it could
be done with a C wrapper for the plugin...

What I'd like to know is if this is just pie in the sky, or
could it work if I implemented it. Also, would a feature
like this stand a chance of inclusion in Glade, or is there
a reason to keep it out.

     I'm not sure what your questions is, if you can find a simplified
way to easily include GTK+ derived widgets in other programming
languages in glade-3, I for one would welcome that functionality...
if it only adds a world of complexity; I'd rather spend my time
frying other fish...


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