[Glade-devel] glade-3 and GtkTreeView


I am rather new to Glade, libglade and Gtk+, however, I was really
pleased with what I saw when I compiled glade-3. Compliments!

My main interest is to switch from Tk (python) and Swing (java) to
Gnome/Gtk. The incredible power of designing the interface in Glade and
utilizing libglade are obvious to me. Nonetheless, I have one concern,
and that is with widgets such as GtkTreeView and alike.

Currently, I see that Glade-2 and Glade-3 are only able to include these
kind of widgets and that's roughly where its functionality ends. It
seems that one has to define the ModelView by hand. (way better still
than hacking Tkinter).

I am not familiar enough with these kind of widgets and their complexity
to make any smart suggestions here. Nonetheless, I think it would rather
convenient to design the ModelView inside Glade as well, instead of
adding them later on inside the application.

Are there any ideas or thoughts roaming around how to implement this,
without making the code base of Glade insanely convoluted. I would
gladly invest some time if there is interest in this.

Kind regards,


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