[Glade-devel] Embedding the design window


It seems like just special-casing GtkWindow a little will get us there
without having to use a different type of container to "mock" the
GtkWindow... also maybe a "containing" plug widget...

Now I'm wondering if we can offer some kind of sane API for IDE's here
to make it easy to implement; It seems that we need to optionally embed
toplevel in other widgets that will respond well to resizes,

for example: say you wanted to display a notebook where each tab
was an open project in glade; in each tab you display a GtkHBox
inside a scrolled window which lists the toplevels from top down;
the issue I see is that those GtkWindows that are "non-toplevels"
will want to resize to fill up the space in the GtkHBox

So we'd need to have a "top-level" container that would resize while
adding extra "gray space" outside the window (and draw a cute border);
and keep the GtkWindow's "default size" (or current natural size) as its
"size-request" (therefore refusing to shrink).

What do you think ?

That would be really useful. It would be something like the container I
have (which draws the window border and takes care of resizing) but more
generic (mine only can show one window at a fixed position).


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