[Glade-devel] Embedding the design window

Lluis Sanchez wrote:

Right now it is possible to embed the property editor, the widget
palette and the project view into any GTK container. However, it is not
possible to do the same with the windows being designed, which keep
floating as top level windows.

I'm wondering if you are planning support for embedding the design
windows as well. In IDEs it is usual to show the window being designed
in a tab, together with the corresponding source code.

So, any plans for this?

     No solid plans for that in the making, it would be nice
if you could arrange the glade-3 UI in whatever way is
comfortable for the user... Maybe we could have a setup
where each project is viewed in a seperate tab...

I just wonder how to achieve this with GTK+ (I'm thinking
of how QT Designer allows you to drag your toplevels inside
a desktop inside a notebook tab :-/ )

I dont have any objections, just other priorities to focus
on, sooo... if someone feels like looking into that ...


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