[Glade-devel] may I please join the glade 3 project...

At this point, I'll point you at the current glade3 bugs
( http://tinyurl.com/67msj ); skim through that and see if anything
leaps out at you.

Not sure about this link (it takes me to HP Customer Care)... but I'm
aware of the bugzilla.gnome.org site...

Odd; for me it blows up into (the extremely ugly)

Certainly, I will start with just that.
Great, thanks

- getting the source to build properly and reporting bugs if it doesn't
I'll probably be checking in some changes in a little today to help
clean up some of the compile warnings, so hopefully soon things will be
clean enough that it's just a matter of beating people up if they
introduce any new warnings

 perhaps I can even learn about autoconf etc...
That'd be handy; I've got a passable understanding of the stuff, but if
someone could really get a good grasp of it, it'd probably be handy.

There's also the question of how that stuff all works on win32; I saw
you're doing some building there. I personally have no experience with
gtk et al. on win32, so if we could build up some knowledge with that,
it'd be good

- attempting minor user interface fixes whenever I think I can do it right
  (maybe I could start working on some easy-fix low-priority stuff just to
  get my hands wet with it before I jump right in) ?
Yeah, as soon as you file those bugs :P

As I said, the stuff in bugzilla is a little anemic right now (and
what's in there already probably needs some triaging, since lots of it
is fairly old...although probably still valid)

- checking out intltool compatibility (since the manual does not know
  whether it is working it seems).
Well, I saw your stuff about that; have you tried with the latest
intltool from cvs? It looks like the last real release was ~2 weeks
before the code for the comment handling and whatnot went in. It could
just all be in flux until the next real release of that

- testing, testing, and testing
yes, please

- ah, and I'd really like to test the new "Tree and List Widget" implementation.
  I've heared it's somewhat complex, and I would like to be there to make sure
  that it works properly and make suggestions etc... I need to learn about this
  myself since I plan to use zillions of these in a project of my own, so, I can
  check it out and see what I can do with it.
yeah, I've never particularly liked dealing with them, but some of
that's because I don't entire grok them. Getting a good way to edit
columns and the like in glade would be really handy, but it's probably a
fairly big headache, will require a bunch of new stuff in libglade, etc.

There's a bug (131382) open for the issue right now, but I don't think
anybody has yet put any serious time & effort into figuring out what
will be required.

I don't know whether this sounds reasonable. I also don't know what patch
and CVS policies you have.
Yeah, it all seems reasonable. And policies are sort of up in the air
right now; things are in flux with us new guys, and who knows what will
happen when/if Joaquin comes back & sees what's gone on.

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