[Glade-devel] may I please join the glade 3 project...


Thank you for reply... :-)

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 08:37:15 -0700, David Hoover <karma deadmoose com> wrote:
On Sun, 2004-10-24 at 21:01 -0600, Neil Zanella wrote:
I love this glade project you are all working on and would really love
to join you.
I would really really like to contribute.
Give me something to work on and I will try my very best!!!
Great to hear it; many hands make for faster work.

As you can see by skimming through the archives from the past few weeks,
things are starting to pick up, and a new batch of people are working on
getting our sea legs.

At this point, I'll point you at the current glade3 bugs
( http://tinyurl.com/67msj ); skim through that and see if anything
leaps out at you.

Not sure about this link (it takes me to HP Customer Care)... but I'm
aware of the bugzilla.gnome.org site...

Another very useful thing would be to just build & use glade 3; banging
on it to see what's shakey/broken and filing bugs against those things
would be a great help; I have a sneaking suspicion, with some heavy use,
a bunch of things that aren't currently in bugzilla will show up.

Certainly, I will start with just that.

If you could pass along some information about your programming
background, platform experiences/availabilities/preferences, particular
areas of interest/skill, etc. it would be useful to try and figure out
specific things to try and point you toward.

Well, I can say that I have 4+ years of experience with C++, 6+ with C,
and have done lots of GUI programming with Java, Tcl/Tk, Qt, and probably
some others which don't come to mind right now. I also know a great number
of other languages which are irrelevant to this project (I guess I could mention
SQL, PHP, Python, shell, awk, sed, whatever...), but I am picking up on GTK+
and also need to get to grips with autoconf, automake, and libtool soon.

Here is what I would interested in:

- getting the source to build properly and reporting bugs if it doesn't, perhaps
  I can even learn about autoconf etc... here
- attempting minor user interface fixes whenever I think I can do it right
  (maybe I could start working on some easy-fix low-priority stuff just to
  get my hands wet with it before I jump right in) ?
- checking out intltool compatibility (since the manual does not know
  whether it is working it seems).
- testing, testing, and testing
- ah, and I'd really like to test the new "Tree and List Widget" implementation.
  I've heared it's somewhat complex, and I would like to be there to make sure
  that it works properly and make suggestions etc... I need to learn about this
  myself since I plan to use zillions of these in a project of my own, so, I can
  check it out and see what I can do with it.

I don't know whether this sounds reasonable. I also don't know what patch
and CVS policies you have.

Glad to see another person interested in helping out.

Thanks, as I said I want to try my best, and get started on this ASAP.
I think there is quite a lot that I could learn from this experience and I
am looking forward to it!!!! :-)


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