[Glade-devel] may I please join the glade 3 project...

On Sun, 2004-10-24 at 21:01 -0600, Neil Zanella wrote:
I love this glade project you are all working on and would really love
to join you.
I would really really like to contribute.
Give me something to work on and I will try my very best!!!
Great to hear it; many hands make for faster work.

As you can see by skimming through the archives from the past few weeks,
things are starting to pick up, and a new batch of people are working on
getting our sea legs.

At this point, I'll point you at the current glade3 bugs
( http://tinyurl.com/67msj ); skim through that and see if anything
leaps out at you.

Another very useful thing would be to just build & use glade 3; banging
on it to see what's shakey/broken and filing bugs against those things
would be a great help; I have a sneaking suspicion, with some heavy use,
a bunch of things that aren't currently in bugzilla will show up.

If you could pass along some information about your programming
background, platform experiences/availabilities/preferences, particular
areas of interest/skill, etc. it would be useful to try and figure out
specific things to try and point you toward.

Glad to see another person interested in helping out.

David Hoover <karma deadmoose com>

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