[Glade-devel] Copy/Paste

Hi all,
    I hazarded a first try on copy/paste, the basic Idea was to "dup"
the widget.

This works except on two counts:
    - Children for the moment aren't duped, I'll have to figure out a
way of duping children
      while maintaining a maximum value of code reuse (i.e. I dont want a dual 
      implementation of glade_widget_new/glade_widget_set_widget...)
      It might be as simple as useing my current dup, but adding a recursive 
      glade_widget_dup over the children before returning...

    - Here is the real stickler, In order to not break widgets
functionality inside the
      glade environment, I have to call the "post_create_function" for
that class, which
      isn't a problem except for instances where the
post_create_function wants to
      popup a dialog to determine some default properties, like the
"size" property
      on the GtkHBox/GtkVBox, These properties are implicitly transfered by the
      widget duplication anyway so the operation can easily be dropped.

Thing is, the obvious solution involves a design change, hence the post for
discussion on the list, AFAICS; we need dissociation between the post_create
stuff and the "gather_initial_properties" stuff.

This could be tackled in a number of ways, the easiest IMO would be to add
another plugin delagate function to handle initial properties that
could be ignored
in cases such as a "glade_widget_dup()", another more interesting approach I've
been pondering is to write a generic popup for all widgets (similar to
the property
editor, but dialog style) and have a definition of which properties that need
assigning at creation time, and then remove that extra bloat from the
plug-in code.

Soooo, what do people think ?


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