[Glade-devel] glade-3 maintainership

How did the IRC meeting go?

I couldn't attend, and I have hesitated to commit because I have little  
time for development right now.  That being said, I very much want to  
support Glade and see it move on.  I will do what I can to help with  
that.  My specialities are documentation and tutorials.  I can code  
fairly well also.

I'm interested in using Glade as a teaching tool.  To that end I  
consider the code generation facility, however much disdained,  
imperative.  I will probably concentrate on making some sort of module  
for Glade3 which will add this, eventually.  I am also interested in  
having some sort of modular ability to add on custom widget libraries.   
I have built myself a few of those over the years and would like to  
incorporate them into Glade.

I agree with all the reasons for using libglade to generate code for  
big projects.  But when you are trying to get someone into writing  
code, and do not want to teach them autogen/automake/autoconf, etc, etc  
for their first hello world, the code generation facility is very nice  



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