[Glade-devel] glade-3 maintainership

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 15:16 -0700, David Hoover wrote:
I welcome any responses to this, and if people are interested, we can
set up a meeting in IRC to discuss the matter further. For now, I will
tentatively propose a meeting in #glade3 on irc.gimp.org on Friday,
October 15th. I'm not sure what timezones people are in, other than that
I am in UTC -0700 and Tristan is UTC -0400, so sometime in the North
American work day would probably be best for the two of us. For now, let
me suggest 17:00 UTC aka 13:00 EDT aka 10:00 PDT.

Please send me email off list if you're interested in coming (or even if
you're not) and let me also know if that time is acceptable for you. I
will corral that information & post ASAP with updates to that.

So as of now, I've only received a handful of responses:
      * I will be there at that time
      * Tristan will be there at that time
      * Ivan Wong (working in Hong Kong on integrating glade & MSVC6)
        will be there
      * Shane would _like_ to be there, but unfortunately his timezone
        (UTC +10:00) prevents it, and makes rescheduling to accommodate
        everyone pretty hard, since there's such a wide variance in time
        zones. He's said he'll skip it, but would like to see a

I was hoping to hear back from a few other people (Paolo, Damon, etc),
but haven't yet.

At this point, I'm inclined to go forward with the scheduled meeting,
and if more are needed, we can reschedule some more in the future.

The main agenda points that I see are (not necessarily in a sane order):
     1. Discuss/sort out maintainership issues
     2. Discuss who's currently around working on what
     3. Discuss what people would like to see happen in glade-3
     4. Discuss a short-term roadmap (how to get us up & operational so
        people are interested in actually running it)
     5. Discuss a long-term roadmap (what kind of pie-in-the-sky ideas
        do people have?)

These aren't firm points, nor do I have any grand plans to run some
highly structured meeting with all the weird rules of conduct, but I
wanted to get those points out. In my mind, those are the big chunks
that should be addressed to some extent so that the project can start
building some momentum.

I hope to see you all in IRC tomorrow, and maybe we'll pick up a few
stragglers who haven't yet RSVP'ed.

David Hoover <karma deadmoose com>

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