[Glade-devel] spread the glade!

        good day,
        developers. i realy want to contribute to glade3 project, but before
you decide who the new maintainer will be (or i missed that :/ ?) i
think that there *are* some more things to do:

        i would like the create the new design (professional?) of
http://glade.gnome.org site and bring it to php. administration/news
posting, etc. would be so much easier. other thing i would like to do is
redesing the glade logo and `created by glade` button. there are so many
apps that use glade, but the current button is so ugly that not so many
put it on their sites (or just dont know abou it - `spread the glade`).
i want to do all this just to bring more atention to glade and its power
in app developing. i can do mockups over weekend. what do you think?


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