[Glade-devel] Glade-3/libglade non-widgets RFC

On Sat, 2004-11-06 at 10:48, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
This should be on the road by the beginning of next week, we should have
load/save already working in that branch (Ivan has that working already on
his side), I'm guessing it'll take me about a week to get the first version of
non-widgets to work.

ok good stuff.

BTW, one of other thing that I have wondered is how the glade xml format
could integrate with GtkUIManager XML files?

I just skimmed the API docs for that. I'm not sure I completely understand what
is to be accomplished with that, things that come to mind are:
    - Why does it just cover menus and toolbars ?
    - Is this supposed to set the standard for toolbar and menu creation ?

GtkUIManager only covers menus and toolbars because it is a mechanism to
do take the pain out of UI merging by taking an "action-based" approach,
as far as I understand. For simple menus/toolbars it is probably normal
to build them the normal way but I think this supposed to be an easy way
to do something complex.

For now, in glade-3 I think I'd rather steer clear of GtkUIManager, I'm sure
that toolbars and menus can easily be created via libglade without any 
roundabout extra xml parsing.


I would rather ask, if a flavor of GtkUIManager could be written to support
glade files, or better yet; if the GladeXML object itself could simply be added
to gtk+ ?

heh I'm not sure how that would go its only fairly new anyway :)

Cheers, Shane

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