[Glade-devel] new idea: storyboard produced from glade xml: use cases

Dear Gladers,

I want to share a new idea with you. Glade files are there to provide
a description of
the user interface. Imagine a tool which can provide some state
information in the
form of an XML file. Such would contin stuff like:

- press that button to make it appear toggled down
- add data to that table to make it look like the user
  inserted data
- draw a mouse pointer on that widget
- add some UML text to explain to others
  how the final user interface _yet to be implmented_
  is supposed to work
- generate a storyboard
- an animated sequential gif with pictures to be used
  to document UML use cases

Wouldn't that be cool?

The ouput could be a docbookxml file with a bunch of GIFS describing
stuff about the GUI.

Let me know what you think or if interested in implemnting such stuff,



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