[Glade-devel] Glade-3/libglade non-widgets RFC

On Fri, 05 Nov 2004 17:22:12 +1100, Shane Butler
<shane_b users sourceforge net> wrote:
Hi Tristan,

I guess it is important to know if James has any plans for future
versions of libglade that are along these lines.

I spoke with James, 
   and he was already planning to add support for non-widget objects in 
libglade. My propositions here aren't final and I'm sure we'll have to discuss
some of these details in depth before we can reach anything conclusive.

For now, the plan is as follows:
    - We're going to create a branch in glade-3 for work on projects that effect
      libglade (namely saving/loading with libglade, and my non-widget 
    - There will be a patch to libglade that will follow this branch
    - Once we have something stable that works for us and that is 
      approved by James, we'll commit that patch to libglade and merge 
      back into cvs HEAD.

This should be on the road by the beginning of next week, we should have
load/save already working in that branch (Ivan has that working already on
his side), I'm guessing it'll take me about a week to get the first version of
non-widgets to work.

BTW, one of other thing that I have wondered is how the glade xml format
could integrate with GtkUIManager XML files?

I just skimmed the API docs for that. I'm not sure I completely understand what
is to be accomplished with that, things that come to mind are:
    - Why does it just cover menus and toolbars ?
    - Is this supposed to set the standard for toolbar and menu creation ?

For now, in glade-3 I think I'd rather steer clear of GtkUIManager, I'm sure
that toolbars and menus can easily be created via libglade without any 
roundabout extra xml parsing.

I would rather ask, if a flavor of GtkUIManager could be written to support
glade files, or better yet; if the GladeXML object itself could simply be added
to gtk+ ?

Possibly patched to use GMarkup parser... But I'm just throwing ideas into
the wind...


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