[Glade-devel] New icons for the palette


Some suggestsions (all with the new icons).

1. GtkWindow & GtkDialog look a bit too similar in the new one.
2. The color used for GtkNotebook seems to look out of place (the brown-ish
   thing). Maybe use the color used for toolbar, menubar for GtkNotebook

Thats all for now....


P.S. I had another idea/topic concerning the palette that I'll talk about in
another thread.

"Joaquin Cuenca Abela" <e98cuenc free fr> writes:


Hongli wrote:

Joaquin Cuenca Abela wrote:

If nobody objects in the next two days, I would like to 
commit the new 
icons (I will not delete the old ones), as I would like to 
work a bit 
more on the code and take a break away from the gimp (I didn't knew 
that the gimp can exhaust so much ;-)

Please select icons from both the new *and* the old icon set. 
The new set looks nice, but some are worse than the old ones. 

The problem is that the two sets mix really bad. Even icons done by the same
person (jimmac or tigert), with 24bpp sometimes don't mix well enough (as
they were not really done to be mixed), let's alone icons with different

Please report all the icons you feel that are worse than the old ones, and I
will try to redo them.

For example, the new icon for GtkLabel looks too much like 
the one for GtkEntry.

The difference will certainly be more visible if the label didn't have a
white background.  I will change it (it should look more like the old label,
just changing "A" by italic "An") and send another screenshot when I will be


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