[Glade-devel] New icons for the palette

Archit wrote:


Some suggestsions (all with the new icons).

1. GtkWindow & GtkDialog look a bit too similar in the new one.

Uhm... I don't agree.  Maybe you're confused by a bug that I introduced in
my last screenshot.  I started to do statusbar (just renamed window.png to
statusbar.png). I wanted to work on this icon, but finally I didn't do any
work, so in the screenshot the icon for statusbar is almost the same one as
the icon for window, but certainly not the same than for dialog.

2. The color used for GtkNotebook seems to look out of place 
(the brown-ish
   thing). Maybe use the color used for toolbar, menubar for 

Yes, GtkNotebook is really out of place, I agree.  Unfortunatelly changing
the color is a very time consuming task for me.  I will try to do asap, but
I want to concentrate first on the missing icons.


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