[Glade-devel] New icons for the palette


Looks good! 


"Joaquin Cuenca Abela" <e98cuenc free fr> writes:

Paolo wrote:

Here you have one screenshot of the new palette:


Compared to the old icons, which are the same ones as those used in 
the palette of glade-2:


Please note that the difference in size is due to the 
spacing of the 
table that contains the icons, more than in the size of the 
icons themselves.

They look really nice!

A couple of comments:

* the [hv]box are a little too similar too [hv]buttonbox, I 
find something bigger (like the old one) more clear.

Ok, I've changed them.

* the TreeView one (or at least I think it's that, last on 
the 4th row) is a bit confusing and too similar to 
ScrolledWindow: IMHO the old icon did represent the "tree" 
idea better.

I don't quite get this one.  The last icon on the 4th row is the optionmenu,
not the TreeView.  The TreeView is the second icon on the 4th row.

Indeed, yes, it's quite similar to the ScrolledWindow...

The ScrolledWindow itself could maybe do without 
the "fake text" in it.

Yes, you're right.  I've also changed this one.  Now the optionmenu and the
ScrolledWindow look a bit more different.

Please take a look now and see (again at
http://e98cuenc.free.fr/newpalette.png) if you can spot any other potential


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