[Glade-devel] GIMP Docking Code in glade

Each time this subject show its head (on gnomedesktop, for instance) I
see people divided on two fields, those that like the current status
quo, and those that would like to have less windows.
The great thing about the way the gimp does it is that the default could
look exactly the same as it is now if that's what people want, but it
would allow people to customise glade to their liking.

Personally I think that glade is a refugee from gnome1 and is the only
part of my desktop that has not had a UI cleanup as part of the change
to gnome2. Glade3 is looking really nice, the mdi is great, hope to see
support for "recently opened projects", but the basic UI is still the
same :/

Just for the record, I'm one of those that want to have less windows,
and like I was quite happy with gimp 1.3.x dock system.  I've not really
look yet at the docking system @egg, but I guess that I will use this
one (even if only for the sake of sharing code).

I'm pretty sure it's the one from anjuta2 - so you should be able to see
it in action there.

The most conflictive item to dock will be the toplevels windows created
by the user through the palette, but I hope to also find something to
dock them.

You mean the actual windowss created as part of the glade project? I
think that these should remain totally sepporate to the docking code. I
think that it would be very confusing otherwise. It would be the same as
having the images in gimp docked - very confusing.


Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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