[Glade-devel] Commit -- latest patches

Now that you're working on the keys dialog, I want
to discuss if people
are really happy with its UI.  It looks to me like
a simple window
saying "Press any key to use as shortcut" and
doing a grab would also do
the job and be more intuitive to use, but I'm not
really sure.

What do people think?

I like the idea as long as there is a label which
display which accel
you ended up with.

Of course.

My main concern is how to remove an accel.  If we put
a button to remove it, the UI will be not much simpler
than what we have now (2 buttons and 1 label vs. 1
button, 3 checkboxes and 1 edit box).

And where can we put the label with the shortcut? 
Should we put it at the same place as the current edit box?  or as
column on the tree view?

Maybe it's better to just put a "kind of" edit box that captures the key
pressed when it's focused, instead of the "show a window a do a grab"
approach.  We'll lost the possibility of capturing shortcuts like
Alt-TAB (every shortcut that's used by the WM), but it's not a good idea
anyway to set such a shortcut to a menu item...


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