[Glade-devel] Some question about the Glade-2 XML/DTD

Archit Baweja <bighead users sourceforge net> wrote on 13/04/2003 (12:38) :

Well I can tell you that the XML DTD used for .glade files in glade-3
is the same as glade-2. Only difference is that in glade-3, there will
be no need for the .gladep files (or Glade Project Files). This is
because glade-2 is a port of glade to Gnome 2. And so it has the C
source support built into it.  - From glade-3 onwards we're
encouraging people to use libglade for .glade files.  So the answer
boils down to this, NO change for .glade files, NO *need* for .gladep
files from glade-3 onwards.


As to use libglade it is still desirable to generate source code.  At
least for Ada95 which has a lot of strengths that are lost if one use


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