[Glade-devel] Some question about the Glade-2 XML/DTD

On Fri, 2003-04-11 at 10:41, Preben Randhol wrote:

I'm currently looking at porting the Ada95 code generating tool (gate)
so that it can read glade-2 XML files. Support for glade-2 files is one
of the things that is left to do before a new release of GtkAda 2.
However I have some questions I would like to know the answer of.

1. In the .gladep files it says:

   <!DOCTYPE glade-project SYSTEM

   This file is: 404: Not Found.

There is no DTD for the project file at present. The above is just used
as a unique identifier.

2. Is the XML files stable or are they moving target at the moment. I
   see some talk about a glade-3 here. Does this involve changing the
   XML file again? If the xml files are not stable perhaps it is better
   to use the Set_Properties procedure and not do any optimised code

The .glade XML files should be fairly stable now. libglade is part of
GNOME so we need to keep it stable. 

The .gladep files are only for glade-2. glade-3 probably won't need

3. Why is <language>, <source_directory> etc... missing in the .gladep
   file if one do not choose something that differs from C, src, etc...?
   I find this very akward as this means all applications that should be
   able to read glade XML files need to bake in these default values
   rather than that this tiny file contributes with all the necessary

I used default values in the original Glade to cut down on the amount of
unnecessary stuff in the XML file. glade-2 does practically the same
thing, except it uses a separate file.

It's too late to change it for glade-2 now.

   Does the .glade file also have missing tags?

Yes, it omits some of the common properties if they have default values.
This shouldn't matter, since if they are default values you shouldn't
need to do anything.


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