[Glade-devel] glade & emacs

Joaquin Cuenca Abela writes:

No, glade doesn't has a MI.

Once we have glade installable as a library, you should be able to link
to it dynamically and just use its public API (yet to be defined,

I'm not very excited about supporting a MI on glade, specially if we get
the glade-as-a-library approach to work.

Do you see any problem with this approach?  That's what we want to use
to integrate with anjuta, and I hope that it will work out to be enough
for emacs.

I was thinking of a looser coupling. A command line interface, possibly an
MI, with a few simple commands like:

1) load filename - so that emacs/parent appplication could load a new project
into glade without creating a new instance.

2) projectdir - to tell emacs/parent appplication the current project directory
for tasks like editing/copiling the relevant files.

which could be invoked as an option e.g `glade --cli'

This would also a flexible framework for adding further commands when and as
needed. However, it might also be a lot of work (although there is plenty of
prior art) and perhaps it doesn't fit in with the general plans for glade. 

How can I stay informed about the glade-as-a-library approach?


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