[Glade-devel] glade & emacs

I've recently become a developer for Emacs and put a lisp package (gdb-ui.el)
into the CVS repository. This package allows Emacs to act a graphical user
interface to GDB. More generally, I'm interested in improving Emacs as an
IDE. Now that Emacs can be built with GTK, I would like to try to integrate
Glade into its operation. My initial ideas are quite basic: I would write a
set of lisp commands for Emacs that could start Glade, load new projects and
access the source code for editing and compiling. It is easy to create a
subprocess in Emacs to start Glade but communication between processes is a
bit more difficult. Unfortunately, I know very little about GTK but I can see
that features like drag and drop require communication (signals?) between
different GTK applications. Ideally I would like to access this communication
with the Emacs lisp commands that I would write. GDB developers have recently
developed an interface called GDB/MI where MI stands for machine interface. It
was written to allow communication with GUI front-ends. 

Does Glade have something similar?


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