[Glade-devel] glade & emacs

Sorry for replying so late, Nick.

Nick wrote:

Joaquin Cuenca Abela writes:

 > No, glade doesn't has a MI.
 > Once we have glade installable as a library, you should be 
able to link  > to it dynamically and just use its public API 
(yet to be defined,  > unfortunatelly).  > 
 > I'm not very excited about supporting a MI on glade, 
specially if we get  > the glade-as-a-library approach to work.  > 
 > Do you see any problem with this approach?  That's what we 
want to use  > to integrate with anjuta, and I hope that it 
will work out to be enough  > for emacs.

I was thinking of a looser coupling. A command line 
interface, possibly an MI, with a few simple commands like:

I know that it's more on the emacs "tradition" to work with others
applications just forking and communication over a pipe.  But really,
what's the added benefit over just using glade as a library?

If you load glade dynamically you will not have a compile-time
dependency, so I guess that the only concern is that you may have to do
a internal copy of our exposed headers if you want to keep an absolutely
glade independent build.

My main concern with having a MI on glade is that it will be more work
(at the end we may want to implement everything that's in the public
API) on my side and on your side.

I'm not absolutely closed to having a MI, as I'm quite pragmatic.  If
that's the only way to get glade working on emacs, then I'll reexamine
this point.  But I would like to hear some real problems (as dlopen is
not portable enough for emacs, for instance ;-)

How can I stay informed about the glade-as-a-library approach?


We will eventually send an email when we'll have it working.


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