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I, for one, appreciate the effort to sit down and document these ideas.
Particularly to having a rudimentary look at the google trends data.

I think it's a great start, but there are some questions we should probably
address before getting too far down the design hole.

1. Can we extrapolate (anec-data is fine here I would think), what the top
three main purposes a person might land on the GIMP page for?  For
instance, if I were to guess it would probably be download, tutorials,
help.  Whatever the consensus may be, I would focus the design on answering
those top three reasons as prominently (and clearly) as possible.  I feel
this should be the first question we should be asking ourselves (and

2. The current site is already a static generated site mostly (entirely?
 still not sure how the news articles are created).  I don't mind moving to
other systems (I am building in a similar vein using
node.js and metalsmith personally), but is it an option that makes the most
sense?  I'm just asking - my opinion is that it does make sense, and that
using markdown/YAML-front-matter is fine.  At the moment, contributing to
the site is a rather messy affair for anyone not comfortable with the
toolchain and environment (but once they are, it's a very simple effort and
not significantly harder than using an intermediate markup language).

In fact, a sub-question to this point would be: is there a method we can
achieve our goals while including a simple means for others to contribute?
I'm a fan of lowering the bar for contributing (technically), to help
increase possible throughput of good material.

3. Should this discussion also include possible migration and management
questions surrounding the registry?  It's a problem that will need to be
addressed at some point, as the current infrastructure is a bit creaky.

Your last point is well made about an in-depth analysis being needed.  Is
the ML the best place to kickstart the discussions and notes, or should we
open a page on the wiki? (I'm leaning towards prokoudine here for guidance).

I have more thoughts, but am currently sifting through a mountain of
correspondance, so apologies for  being short. :)


On Mon Jan 05 2015 at 9:26:37 AM Cristobal <clv riseup net> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I'm Cristobal, a computer science student at Universidad de Santiago de
Chile and I've been using GIMP for many years (mainly for web design). I
would like to contribute to the GIMP project in this area and I've
prepared a proposal aiming to revamp the current website, which I think
needs a refresh. But my proposal doesn't only suggest a new HTML design,
but an underlying application platform (git+gitolite+git
submodules+static website generator) and content formatting (markdown).
You can read the proposal in the following link. It should be about ~20
min. of reading.

In the proposal you'll find all the steps I followed to make things work
on a CentOS machine and Github, together with links to working
platforms, four links and screenshots to design proposals (A, B, C, D),
and a link to my CV/Resume so you can get to know me a little bit.

I'm aware that GIMP has participated in GSoC in the past years, and I
believe that this proposal could fit as a GSoC project for this year, if
you want to. I know there are still a couple of months for submitting
applications, but we could use this time to discuss the proposal.

I look forward to hearing from you!

GPG: 2ACA 8DD4 444E 358F B72E  8C3C 7196 690D 9E03 CDFD

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