Re: [Gimp-web] Proposal: gimp-web-revamp

On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 6:50 PM, Pat David wrote:

1. Can we extrapolate (anec-data is fine here I would think), what the top
three main purposes a person might land on the GIMP page for?

Since I do have Google Analytics on, here's the data for the
last 30 days, sorted by % of session exit pages, minus the main page:

1) GIMP downloads
2) GIMP help downloads
3) GIMP add-ons downloads

If you roll them into one, that would become

1) Downloads
2) Articles/Tutorials
3) News

The forum is the 4th one.

Of course, the two websites are structured differently, so there's
only so much extrapolation one could make.

2. The current site is already a static generated site mostly (entirely?
 still not sure how the news articles are created).  I don't mind moving to
other systems (I am building in a similar vein using
node.js and metalsmith personally), but is it an option that makes the most

Realistically speaking, there are mostly two people updating the
website: Michael Schumacher and me. As far as I can tell, both of us
are fine with static page generators. For me, it might even improve
collaboration on news, because right now I typically post stuff in
gists and share on IRC before publishing. Although I won't be around
forever, and this has to be considered as well.

We _might_ need to take into consideration opinions of people who want
to work on localized versions of the website. However, having been
there with, I'm not exactly optimistic about
sustainability of localized websites. But that's just my
reality-driven opinion, nothing more.

3. Should this discussion also include possible migration and management
questions surrounding the registry?  It's a problem that will need to be
addressed at some point, as the current infrastructure is a bit creaky.

The problem with the registry is that whoever maintains is, to the
best of my knowledge, never in direct contact with the core team. And
the core team never has time to take care of the registry.

If we don't have the manpower to provide QA and security check for
addons, we can't take the registry over. Again, just my opinion.


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