Re: [Gimp-user] crop to content

On 1/30/20 1:44 PM, Liam Quin wrote:
On Thu, 2020-01-30 at 20:44 +0100, geop wrote:
I have scanned photographs which have a white border. I try "Crop to
Crop to content removes outside borders of picels which all have
exactly the same value but your border, although whiteish, is not like

Rotate the image -- the easiest and fastest way is to use tool options,
turn on reverse/corrective mode, and turn on a grid "number of lines",
and change the number of lines until one lines up with the a vertical
edge in the border; drag the lines to rotate them a little and get the
grid line to match as well as possible, and then in case the image
isn't actually perfectly square, repeat for the top and bottom inner
border edges, then finally press Enter to do the rotation.

Then crop the iamge with the crop tool to get rid of the border, if
that's what you want, or to keep it, image->flatten image, then use
rectangle select to select the inner pictiure, select->invert to change
it to select the border, select->feather by 5px or so to make the edge
soft, and drag the white swatch from the toolbox into the selection (if
you don't have the default black and white, press d or click the
black/white icon that's near the swatch).


PS: clean the prints with a microfibre cloth, and the top of the
scanner with that and eyeglass cleaner )spray onto the cloth of course,
notthe scanner, and not the same cloth you use for prints; you can also
use a special Japanese roller that was made for cleaning gramaphone
records, - but i worry that it may lift the
surface of the print.

This is probably too simple a solution, but...
If the images are all the same size, and have roughly the same border,
can't you specify a rectangle select of a size slightly smaller to
eliminate the border, position it at the proper offset, and crop?
Or if the images are different sizes, compute a rectangle for e.g. 98%?


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