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On Thu, 2020-01-30 at 23:09 +0100, geop wrote:

So maybe I can suggest (somewhere) to the developers to add some
parameters that
permit some range in values for the border color in "Crop to
Once you do this you start eating into the main image, but it might be
an interesting option to have a "shrink wrap" option in rectangle
select or image crop, with a tolerance. Maybe there's already a script
or plugin that does this.

Auto white balance loses a little bit of detail. I'm not sure whether
rawtherapee or darktable has a way to do this - i tend to scan in 16bit
greyscale for things like this (although scanning in colour can make it
easier to remove dirt using the mono mixer and choosing blue and/or
green channels). Bt i'musually scanning to sell the pictures on

The scanner i have came with holders for film strips and software for
Windows (silverfast i think) that knew about the holders and identified
all the photos automatically, a huge time saver.

If you can do a little scriptng you could maybe simply take a sample of
the middle of the image, use that for white balance, and then undo (in
the script) and apply the settings to the whole image.

It seems likely someone else has already done this, too...


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