[Gimp-user] crop to content

Hi - thanks for the quick reply. I wondered if it had to do with the slight
non-uniformity of the pixel color in the border. I appreciate all your advice,
but I really wanted an "automatic" process because I have a LOT of these
bordered photos, and hoped to batch process them.

I see what you mean about rotation. My sample image is very slightly rotated,
and I would think my other images all have some version of the same issue. I can
tolerate that as these images are for family archives.

I should have mentioned that my main goal in eliminating the borders was so I
could use, in a batch process, Auto - White Balance to remove color casts from
many of the old B&W or color photos. From experimenting, the white border seemed
to mess this up. Without the border, the White Balance result seemed usually
"good enough" for my purpose.

So maybe I can suggest (somewhere) to the developers to add some parameters that
permit some range in values for the border color in "Crop to content".

Thanks again! I now understand what the issues are.

geop (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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