[Gimp-user] Book cover image density /resolution etc..

Greetings all, 
I am a noob where Gimp is concerned.   I have used it as a photo
editor on a fairly cursory level and absolutely love it.  UNTIL, I
decided to try to use it to design the cover for my first book.      
I tried, I tested and stretched and ran myself mad trying to get it to
do what I wanted and in the end I gave up and gave it to someone else
to do in Photoshop because it was a quick fix and I only have a
limited amount of spare time I can dedicate to these projects. 
I am now preparing to publish my second book and I am back to the same
issues I was having before.. 
I have a Hi Definition JPG  image ( I am currently away from the image
or I could provide the resolution)  that I have attempted to put into
GIMP and the book cover I have is 6x9 inch cover, and the image needs
to be a minimum of 300 dpi and when I go in to adjust the size of the
image according to the instructions I have, (entering the dpi level in
the X and then the cover size in the appropriate location,  it resets
the DPI level to something smaller.   
I had this same issue before. but could not get around it..   I spent
hours going over how to interlace multiple images and it would cause
a  sane man to go mad...    
And so I am hoping that I can get some help in figuring out this
Thanks in advance.. 

This is so easy as to be untrue. One thing to remember is Gimp is a bitmap
editor and works in pixels, however

1. Your Hi Definition JPG might need cropping to the correct 6:9 aspect ratio

2. Use Image menu -> Scale Image then

2a. First set the horizontal and vertical resolution to 300 ppi

2b. Now set the image size to 1800 x 2700 pix (or 6 x 9 inches if pixels really
baffle you)

The whole thing can be done in a minute. Really dragging it out to 2 minute
video demo https://youtu.be/BiXv-dgT1DE

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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