[Gimp-user] Document actual size is huge and not A4 crisis please help!

Hi thank you so much for helping! I plan to export as PDFs and upload them to an
online printing company to print on paper. I think the size problem I had was
actually just my inexperience and confusion about how these things work and it
is actually fine. Really appreciate your advice!

The question I have is how do you intend to output your final recipe
Will it be printed on paper by a printer, on a copy machine or on the

I set up a page in GIMP the same size as yours—880mm x 1248 mm at 106
per inch (ppi)—put some 12 pt and 15 pt type on it, exported it as a
jpg and
inserted it on an A4 size page in WORD. It fit perfectly on A4. It
even be reduced a bit to allow for a binding margin on the spine. 
the problem?

Rick S.

BTW, GIMP is not the best program for laying out text-heavy books, but
use what you've got I guess.

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently making a recipe book for charity in GIMP 2.10. I've made
the pages on A4 templates. However, when measuring something today I
results in mm were huge! This led me to realise that my documents are 
880mm x 1240mm approx. I normally have it set to pixels which don't
mean a
to me (I've not had any formal training in graphic design or the
so I
guess I didn't notice. I've already spent months on this project and
prospect of remaking all of the pages is daunting as I have my actual
to do
as well. The weird thing is when I copy and paste items from a page
into an
actual A4 template the scale is the same. I've definitely always
selected A4
template. Has anyone ever had this problem or know how to fix it? Is
it just
glitch? The pages as exported JPEGS in actual size are also huge, but
never noticed as they were always scaled fit to page before. Please
Thanks so much in advance!

PMan22 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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