[Gimp-user] Document actual size is huge and not A4 crisis please help!

That's amazing thank you so much! I think that's what I was looking at and got
confused as I am pretty out of my depth knowledge wise!

This entirely depends on the dpi you are going to be printing at

A4 is about 8.27 inches wide and 11.69 inches tall.
If you print at 300 pixels per inch that means your image width would
around 2,481 pixels wide (and 3507 pixels tall).

Do you know what print resolution you will be targeting?  Ask your
what they support and what you should be aiming for.
Assuming everything is scaled correctly, it shouldn't be too big a
to rescale down to what's desired (although you may want to let the
shop do this for you?).

PMan22 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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