[Gimp-user] Document actual size is huge and not A4 crisis please help!

Hi everyone,

I'm currently making a recipe book for charity in GIMP 2.10. I've made all of
the pages on A4 templates. However, when measuring something today I noticed the
results in mm were huge! This led me to realise that my documents are ginormous!
880mm x 1240mm approx. I normally have it set to pixels which don't mean a lot
to me (I've not had any formal training in graphic design or the software) so I
guess I didn't notice. I've already spent months on this project and the
prospect of remaking all of the pages is daunting as I have my actual work to do
as well. The weird thing is when I copy and paste items from a page into an
actual A4 template the scale is the same. I've definitely always selected A4
template. Has anyone ever had this problem or know how to fix it? Is it just a
glitch? The pages as exported JPEGS in actual size are also huge, but again I
never noticed as they were always scaled fit to page before. Please help!!
Thanks so much in advance!

PMan22 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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