[Gimp-user] Exporting as PDF looses the layout?

Hi everyone,

I'm running GIMP 2.10.18. I've spent a long time making individual pages for a
recipe book for charity and now that I've come to export them as PDFs for print
the PDFs are not coming out with the layout. The main design I have on most
pages is a curve shape drawn with path tool, filled in white, and in a layer
group with a photo so that the photo (on multiply) fits inside the curve shape.
However, when I go to export the curve disappears and the photo is in its
original rectangular shape taking up half the page.
It also shows ALL of the layers, even hidden ones - I have crossed omit hidden
layers but for some reason it puts them all into the PDF anyway.
And finally, it also gives black outlines to all of my shapes (boxes and bars)
instead of just being flat.

The main problem is the photos in the curve though so if anyone knows how to fix
this please let me know. I'm pretty much a graphic design novice I just enjoy
doing these things and am doing it voluntarily for the charity to raise funds
for them, but equally I would like it to be good! I'm sure its probably
something simple that I just don't know about yet. Thank you so much in advance!

PMan22 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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