[Gimp-user] Photographic Text

Seem to be missing some step in creating photographic text. Using MAC and GIMP

Imported image as base layer; Created a new transparent Layer as the 2nd Layer
and placed a Gradient on it  and set opacity to 70%; 3rd layer is text layer.
Desire is to have the image base layer show through the text.

Once above completed - I went to the Base (Image) Layer and selected "Add Alpha
Channel". Then went to Text Layer and selected "Alpha to Selection". This places
the dotted lines around the text. However this is where I'm confused. Seems you
are suppose to go to one of the Layers and select "Select/Invert" and on the
same layer or a different Layer hit Delete on the Mac keyboard. I've tried
multiple combinations of this and cannot get the image background to show
through the Text.

BEDROCK (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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