[Gimp-user] transparent background becomes black

i wasted all day trying everything, and at least 10 tutorials, to fix
this error. transparent background saved in jpg or png becomes black.
i would really appreciate any help

I think I know what's going on though I can't fix it. I'm having the same issue,
whenever I export to a JPG, it has aways exported correctly, when I opened the
JPG, it has a white background. Today, I exported the same file, and and now has
the black background, which is no good. I went on another computer and exported
the same file and it works perfectly, white background. So I went and updated to
the newest version of Gimp, but no dice, it still has it back background. so
something funny with the computer, or a Gimp glitch.  Maybe a complete uninstall
will help.

DannyBones (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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