[Gimp-user] New image too large?

I should have added 

What gets saved with your .xcf file?

No undo levels. They are only there per-session. Although if you crash
Gimp, there might be a recovery available.

Layers,  Layer Masks, channels, selections, paths, guides, grid
settings, meta data, all saved with the .xcf.

The (extra) compressed version(s) .xcfgz / .xcfbz2 / xcfxz all open
straight up with Gimp just take a bit longer. to save / load.

Thanks for your replies, Rich404. I haven't done any work to save yet. I've come
straight in from my old Photshop 7.0,  which doesn't seem to want to work
properly any more and I didn't feel like subscribing or forking out $700 plus
for a new one, so I thought I'd give Gimp a try and am feeling my way. I'm not
used to the native format of Gimp (.xcf, etc.) and am not familiar with their
properties, so I  guess I'll just have to play it by ear. I increased the
allowable file size limit as you suggested and that allowed me to pass without
argument, so thanks for that tip. Thank you again for your help. It is much

Eoraptor (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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