[Gimp-user] New image too large?

It is because the image in Gimp memory is more than just the bare RGB
(3 x 8 bit) value for the number of pixels. There is an undo stack ,
channels..etc  even with a newly opened image. Similar sort of
discussion here:


The warning is just advice, you could adjust the limit in preferences
(I just ignore it)

Thanks for your reply. Looking at the other thread that you pasted here, I see
I'm out of my depth. I'm only a dumb artist and don't have a lot of tech savvy,
usually flying by the seat of my pants. The main point that you made, if I
understand it, is that Gimp makes an assumption that I'm going to use a lot more
data than I necessarily intend to, what with layers, stacks, etc. and that I
don't really have to take the size warning too seriously, am I right? I do
notice that it still allows me to open the image space. My only worry is that if
I go to save a file that it says is outside its size limitations, am I going to
have a problem?

Eoraptor (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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