Re: [Gimp-user] scaling tool problems

What exactly do you mean by "faint" and "washed out" -- can you post some screenshots?

The first thing that comes to mind is check if the layer being rotated has a specific opacity (<100%) or 
blending mode (other than "Normal") that's causing the issue, as the previews you see when using the tool 
don't take these into account.

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I recently switched to the new version on Windows 10, and when I want to
scale a selection, as I resize it, it looks good but when I confirm with
the scale button, it changes from the way it looked in the preview to being
really faint and washed out. I’m just doing it the way I always did in the
previous version. No matter what I google I can’t find any posts from
people having the same problem so I thought I’d ask here thanks!
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