Re: [Gimp-user] IImprovements to unified transform

I've faced the same issue when assembling scanned images from a standard (A4) scanner -- i.e. my source is, 
say, 11x14 so I scan it in multiple sections.  I actually find it easier not using GIMP at all here and using 
a vector program instead (e.g. Inkscape).  Move the images roughly together, zoom in and align one feature 
between two images, then set it as the center of rotation, move to a second (quite distant) feature and align 
that.  (I'm omitting a few steps regarding alpha blending but you get the general idea.)

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I guess likewise also need a way of rotating without having to drag
outside the edge. That would need a rotator modifier key or tool.

The crtitical issue is, when overlaying one aerial photo over another, you
aren't necessarily aligning the edges. Having sizing/skewing handles on the
edges or corners works fine if the edges or corners is what you want to align.
but in this instance, what you are looking to align is features that can be
anywhere within the image (aligning what is in the top layer with what is in the
layer underneath).

BWK (via<>)
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