[Gimp-user] Almost no tools working

I use GIMP 2.10.14. I recently switched from an old Macbook to a PC (HP
Pavilion) and am having some difficulty in using GIMP.

For health reasons, I use a wireless keyboard rather than the keyboard that came
with my PC. (I need to have the PC raised.) I also use a tablet with a stylus.
The keyboard is a Rii Model RT518. The tablet is a Huion Model H420. Both of
these worked fine with GIMP on my old Macbook, and are working perfectly outside
of GIMP.

I'm not exactly sure how to summarise the issue I'm having, as it seems to be an
issue with more or less every tool I try to use. It seems to be particularly a
problem with any tool you have to hold and drag- like Rectangle select, Free
select, or the Pencil tool. I've tried every tool I frequently use on the PC
keyboard, wireless keyboard and tablet. I'm not going to list every single one
of them here, but here are a few examples.

Rectangle select: PC works. Keyboard works. Tablet: The box that should make the
corner of the selection appears, but doesn't expand when I try to drag it.

Free select: PC works. Keyboard works. Tablet: Same issue. I can create points
by tapping, but not create a continuous line by dragging.

Crop: PC doesn't work. Nothing happens when I click and drag. Keyboard: Same as
PC. Tablet: Same issue as Rectangle select: Tablet.

Rotate: PC works. Keyboard works. Tablet: When I hold down the cursor, it
changes to the icon for the Crop tool.

Text: PC works. Keyboard: Nothing happens when I click and drag. Tablet: Same
issue as Rotate: Rectangle select.

Scale: Works on all three.

Some of these keep changing; some have started working on a device that
previously they weren't working on (e.g. the Scale tool). There seems to be a
recurring issue with the stylus where when I press down, the cursor icon changes
to whatever tool I used before the one I'm trying to use.

I would really appreciate any help you can give. I'm happy to give more
information if necessary.

dancemachinetrait (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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