Re: [Gimp-user] Completing the move of image

On 11/20/18 9:55 PM, cogreg wrote:
Hello. I hope you are in good health and good spirits.
I am using GIMP 2.8.14 on a MacBook Pro that runs OS 10.14.1 ("Mojave").
I have selected a complex line image and have used the Move tool to move the
image horizontally. The result is that I have a screen showing the original
position of the line and also a sort of moving-dashes version of that line. The
moving-dashes version of the line is in the correct new position that I want to
line to be in.

How do I finish the move?

I will attach a screen shot of the situation as it is now.

Thank you.


You are moving the selection mask and not the selected pixels. To move the pixels to have to copy paste them and then move the resulting "Floating selection" layer (set the move tool in "Move; Layer" mode (top line of icons in the Tool options).

From your screenshot it sees you are trying to make the symmetric of a line that you create using the path tool. May I take the liberty to refer you to my path-mirror script (

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