Re: [Gimp-user] HUGE quality drop when saving to .png and hosting on web

On 11/24/18 7:39 PM, julietmolz wrote:
Hey all. I've designed a graphic I wanted to use in a forum post and am
experiencing a huge dip in clarity by the time I get it onto the page.

Created as .xcf, export to .png, upload using tinypic, embedded it in the forum
with bb code. It's beautiful crystal clear as an .xcf file and as saved .png but
by the time it gets online everything's blurry, so I'm assuming it's the
uploading that's causing it.

The I've used this process dozens of times and it's always given me perfectly
sharp images before. Everything's 300 dpi... no idea what's causing this.

Been a while since I used gimp so there may be something new I'm missing. If you
have any advice, I'd much appreciate the help

Two things to check:

1) download your image from the web site (right-click, save image...) and compare it with the one you uploaded: same type (not a PNG turned into a JPG...)? same file size (otherwise it has been recompressed), same image size?

2)  check that the image in the web page is exactly the size you set in Gimp (make a screen shot, import in Gimp, and put your original on it as a new layer and see of they can be made to overlap exactly). If the image is set to a different size by HTML directives, your browser will rescale it on the fly and this may not be pretty.

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